KIA stories

We are fortunate enough to have customers who wanted to share their cornerstone stories and experiences with our products. Nothing else than the honest customer stories are what inspires us to work with determination to have a deeper connection with our customer in understanding their needs and wants.

One of our valued customer took a seat into the journey from Kathmandu to Nuwakot in the aspiration of achieving an adventurous trip with KIA Seltos GT-line. The journey started from the smooth roads of Kathmandu to the off dusty roads of rural part of Nuwakot leading to the coffee farm. The experience was quite exciting to hear from our customer alone.

“With the excitement of new purchase, I wanted to explore the roads of Nepal with KIA Seltos. The newly purchased KIA Seltos GT-line automated 6V with auto transmission was quite a drive through. The trip was one of the memorable adventure to travel especially when the ride gave the most stunning performance. The looks, speed and sophistication was quite a talk specifically after my trip to the coffee farm. Talking about the access, the roads from Kathmandu to Nuwakot was fine but the adventure began after we reached Nuwakot and travelled through the dusty off-roads leading to the coffee farm. No matter what came in the way, the tremendous rocks, sand and muds, none came to be the hindrance for KIA Seltos. The excitement to travel through the beautiful hills was a spectacular experience. But at the beginning, I was quite optimist about the ground clearance but the thing I was worried about was the uphill climb on the off-road. However, I was amazed to see the performance it showed on such a difficult road. The excitement to reach the top of the hill on the coffee farm was even more after the exotic drive with KIA Seltos. I haven’t being able to stop complementing on the built quality the vehicle gave. I never thought a Korean brand could give a high-end performance like the German and Japanese brands, but I have been proved wrong. The efficiency, functioning and the comfort provided by the KIA Seltos GT-line was almost like the German brands I used. From the minor small comfort to the exceptional performance, the vehicle is worth purchasing for. I had a great time with my family, on the hills of Nuwakot and I would love to travel along the adventurous road further in the future. The journey with KIA has been incredible and can’t wait to explore and move even more places with KIA.”