Rs. 1,25,90,000

The EV6

The Electric Superstar

Packed with more than 10 ADAS features.

Exceptional experience to elevate the senses.

Fully charged, it offers 3.6 kW of power to run multiple devices.

EV6 360

Go ahead and stare.

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EV Experience like no other

Inspiration isn’t just about having an idea. It was conceived not just to take but also to give. The 528 KM range* battery of Kia EV6 lets you explore more of what the world offer

*WLTP Certified Range.


Space Innovation

Drive Mode Select (DMS)

The Kia EV6 can adjust to the way you like to drive. Choose Normal, Sport or Eco drive mode using steering wheel.

31.24 cm (12.3″) Curved Touchscreen Navigation

The integrated curved display is not only beautiful but also offers a truly immersive experience along with maximum visibility and intuitiveness

Smart Regenerative Braking System (SRS)

Key information such as speed, and lane safety indication, is projected in an intuitive manner on the windscreenSRS 2.0 improves the vehicle’s range and stability by optimizing front and rear-wheel regenerative braking. It can be operated with the steering wheel paddle switches and adjusts the level of regenerative coasting based on radar data as well.

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1 Trim Available

The Kia EV6

Meet the global superstar