Rs. 1,79,90,000

The all new EV9

Electric Global Modular Platform (E-GMP)

The platform is engineered to be versatile and offers the best performance for all driving situations. Carefully-designed weight distribution between the front and rear, a low center of gravity despite the elevated ground clearance with a stable, comfortable, and responsive drive.

EV9 360

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Battery Position

The high-voltage battery can be considered the heart of an EV. It is essential to carefully balance the weight distribution, usage of space and performance.

The battery is positioned underneath the whole cabin floor to distribute the weight evenly. Thanks to this positioning, the battery does not influence luggage space and the EV9 offers one of the largest trunks in its segment in terms of volume.



Enhanced NHV

EV9 has enhanced vehicle body NHV performance which eleminates noise, vibration and harshness to maximum level.

4th Gen Battery Technology

EV9’s 4th generation high voltage battery offers a greater capacity and greater energy density per cell compared to the previous generation.

State-of-art EGMP

The EV9 is the second Kia model utilising the full potential of the Electric Global Modular Platform
(E-GMP). This scalable platform can be extended in order to fit a vehicle with a longer wheelbase and a larger battery pack, while still keeping the existing advantages – namely, ultra-fast charging, long driving ranges, and a spacious interior.


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The Kia EV9