Affordable Premium SUVs in Nepal

Kia offers Seltos and Sonet in Premium affordable range in Nepal. Read more to find out what makes them the best cars in this affordable premium price range.


Kia Sonet


The Kia Sonet is an entry-level compact SUV with an excellent fuel economy. In Nepal, the Kia Sonet is available in four variants with prices ranging from Rs. 37,90,000 to Rs. 59,90,000.

With a compact size, the Kia Sonet is perfect for the busy and narrow streets of Nepali cities. Remarkably, it has enough room for you, your passengers and their baggage. It also has one of the highest mileage in the compact SUV market in Nepal.

Kia offers the Sonet in 4 variants in Nepal:  HTE (PTL), HTX (DSL), HTX AT (DSL), and GTX+ (DSL). Among all the variants, Kia Sonet HTE (PTL) is the best-selling one available at the price of Rs. 37,90,000. It has a powerful 1200cc engine, a turbo-petrol engine with a 6-speed iMT with a maximum 1200 cc.

Despite the powerful engines, it is designed to offer more efficiency with a mileage of up to 18.4 kmpl (kilometer per liter) and 118.36 bph (brake horsepower). Combining the power, the design, and the fuel-efficiency, Kia offers a great experience even when driving off-road with the Sonet.

Moreover, Kia has packed its compact SUV with a host of technological features that lets the driver adjust the engine’s power delivery according to road conditions. For instance, the Kia Sonet has three different traction modes (Mud, Snow, and Sand) that optimizes traction to help you navigate through different types of terrain in Nepal.

The Kia Sonet also has relatively less maintenance cost in the compact SUV market in Nepal. Once a year maintenance is enough to keep the Sonet running smoother and longer. Further, Kia offers its customers 15 free service coupons in the span of 5 years.

With all these features, there’s no doubt why the Kia Sonet sells in huge numbers in Nepal. The Kia Sonet is available in five elegant colors: Intense Red, Gravity Grey, Aurora Black Pearl, Steel Silver, and Glacier White Pearl.


Kia Sonet Product Specification

Model Variant Displacement Engine Price in Nepal (Nrs.) Mileage
Sonet HTE (PTL) 1200 Petrol 37,90,000 18.4 kmpl
Sonet HTX (DSL) 1500 Diesel 51,90,000 24.1 kmpl
Sonet HTX AT (DSL) 1500 Diesel 55,90,000 19 kmpl
Sonet GTX+ (DSL) 1500 Diesel 59,90,000 24.1 kmpl


KIA Sonet Dimension

If a compact SUV is not what you are looking for, then you should have a look at the Kia Seltos:


Kia Seltos


The Kia Seltos is among best KIA SUVs at the price range of Rs. 50,90,000 to Rs. 78, 90,000. Larger than the Kia Sonet, the Seltos has 8 variants among which the HTK GSL, HTK+ GSL, and HTK+ iMT offer the most value.

It’s noteworthy that despite its powerful engine, and its size, the Kia Seltos has great fuel efficiency. Depending on the engine and variants, the Seltos gives mileage ranging from 16.1 to 20.8 kilometers per liter.

Additionally, Seltos has internal features that are appropriate for the contemporary, tech-savvy Nepali. A 26.03 cm touchscreen, a 17.78 cm cluster, a 360° view, a smart cruise control, Android auto, Apple CarPlay, and more are included in this heavy-duty vehicle.

The Seltos includes ‘All Wheel Disc Brakes’ on the wheel, which offer the most dependable braking system for any SUV in the market. With this braking technology, the driver has total control over any unanticipated road conditions of Nepal.

This SUV has stylish solid exteriors, interiors made of high-strength steel, and sealant-safe interiors. Thus, the ultimate on-and off-road driving experience is guaranteed with the Kia Seltos SUV.

The three performance-based driving modes—Sports, Normal, and Eco—are among the impressive features of the Kia Seltos. These features allow the owners to adjust performance according to the road conditions.

Furthermore, a high-line time pressure monitor is available to continuously monitor tire pressure in order to prevent accidents that could occur as a result of tire problems.

These are some of the reasons why the KIA Seltos series is frequently regarded as one of the best-selling SUVs for its price range in Nepal. Currently, the KIA Seltos is available in seven different colors: Gravity Grey, Intense Red, Aurora Black Pearl, Glacier White Pear, and Steel Silver. As of 2022, there are three variations of the Kia Seltos that can be purchased in the fifty to fifty seven lakh range.


Kia Seltos Product Specification

Model Variant Engine Displacement Price in Nepal (Nrs.) ARAI Mileage
Seltos HTK (GSL) Petrol 1500 cc 50,90,000 16.8 kmpl
Seltos HTK + (GSL) Petrol 1500 cc 54,90,000 20.8 kmpl
Seltos HTK + (iMT) Petrol 1500 cc 56,90,000 16.8 kmpl


KIA Seltos Dimension




People in Nepal seek the biggest value for their money when purchasing a car. Cars that look appealing, and that can handle most situations while being fuel efficient appear to be the best-selling vehicles in Nepal. Cars ranging up to 60 lakhs are the most popular segment in Nepal. This is also a good segment for those upgrading from a smaller car.

In the Affordable premium category, Kia offers two of the best-selling SUVs in Nepal according to the customer’s needs. The Kia Sonet is the perfect SUV for navigating the diverse terrain of Nepal. Its compact size makes it easy to maneuver through narrow roads and tight spaces, while its advanced traction modes provide the stability and control needed to tackle a variety of challenging road conditions. From the bustling city streets to rugged mountain trails, the Sonet is designed to thrive in any environment, making it an ideal choice for those living in Nepal.

And if a larger SUV is what you desire, then the Kia Seltos is a smart choice packed with features and amenities, all at an affordable price point. Not only does the Seltos offer great value, but it also boasts impressive fuel efficiency than many SUVs in the Nepali market, making it a cost-effective option for daily commute. And with Kia’s reputation for high resale value, the Seltos is not only a reliable car, but also a wise investment for the future.