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Innovations are the way to future. It is like a path to a better future of the creative ideas and inspirations. At Kia, we plan to bring change in future. We are dedicated to ensure our driving enjoyment remains top priority with an equal advancement in the technology in the coming era of future mobility.

“The emotion adaptive driving feature will tend to understand human needs in a closer perspective than before.

Emotive driving: Eco-friendly vehicles will play a pivotal role in future mobility, and the shift from petroleum to electricity powered vehicles has already become the norm. We at Kia believe that the future is sustainability and eco- friendly. At the same time environmental stewardship is taking center stage across the board, we have already put forward the generation of electric vehicles in use to our consumers. We have launched our first EV in 2018. Since then with the extension in customer attraction, we have upgraded each year for the future mobility. In addition, we are planning to create physical experience of our brand to create original exciting electric vehicles. We vision to produce nine EVs at the end of 2022.


READ Systems: Real-time Emotion Adaptive Driving System is emotion adaptive driving which is a world’s first emotional AI-based optimized and interactive in-cabin space centered on human senses. We believe in emotional attachment our products pass on to our consumers, therefore the emotion adaptive driving feature will tend to understand human needs in a closer perspective than before.

V-touch: We bring world’s first virtual touch-type gesture control technology. V-Touch employs a 3D camera to monitor user’s eyes and fingertips, allowing all occupants to change the cabin environment, including lightening, heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and entertainment system.

Concept cars: We at Kia, put imagination and creativity into innovation and reality. We are designed to make car of your dreams a reality. We design the future and the future is innovation and technology. We have simple yet bold designs with high strength and power and comfort at the finest. We make your simplicity into reality by deeper research and develop products we seek to look for in the future.

Autonomous: It is beyond the experience. When you think about this feature, it is quite unique and closer to the future. Your car now navigates itself to a preset destination by monitoring surroundings on its own while you concentrate on your work or just lay back and relax and talk to your family or friend. This is what autonomous driving technology presents you for a better and comfortable future. We promise you the technology that is convenient to our consumers and talk you to the foreseeable future.

We have Advance Assistance System (ADAS) which consists three intensive technology of monitoring surroundings, making decisions and then handling the vehicle according the circumstances. We aim at eliminating accident risk at the source, providing the driver information on surroundings and taking over the handling of the vehicle from the driver, thereby providing a safer, more convenient and efficient mobility solution.