KIA Movement

No matter what we say, the more we move the better we understand, the more we get inspired and the more we get innovative. With every move we aspire to connect with people and destination, physically or emotionally. Not just connection but, mankind has been evolved from the idea of migration and motive to change and get inventive and that is how we have evolved to where we are today. Therefore, we at Kia also believe that movement inspires ideas to get move innovative and creative for the future. Every design of our product is not just an innovation for comfort and luxury but for bridging the distance between destinations and connecting them emotionally to the place.

Since 75 years of journey, we have been putting people on move, at the beginning through bikes than through the comfortable automobile designed for future mobility. From one location to another, we have proudly delivered solutions that help people move and connect with the nature, atmosphere and with the people. We have created spaces for our consumers to get inspired and more time to bring your ideas to life and innovate.

Movement has always been a heart of our brand and moving people has been core of our business. Innovation for better design and comfort as per our consumers has been possible only through motivation to change and understand the world. When we move, we experience new world, meet new people and discover countless perspective to change. Movement, however embraces the concept of continuous change and moreover change in our own selves. When we move, we have time to think in a wider perspective and even widen our horizon of how we take things to be. Movement enables progress through thinking and inspiration and we at Kia believe to provide products and services that will inspire you the most, like being with your family, friends and simply a time to relax and take time for yourselves. The mindset of movement has been important part of Kia family and is shared among every employees of ours and through every part of our organization. Movement aspires unstuck mindset and that is how we create and design to put forward future mobility towards our consumers.