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Best SUVs in Nepal

With the significantly expanding Nepalese auto market, Nepal has seen some remarkable automobiles in recent years with people actively seeking out the best SUVs in Nepal. While the international automobile corporations have established business ventures in Nepal, the small landlocked country of Nepal is not isolated from the advanced inventions in the field of four-wheelers. Most of the driveways and highways can be seen decorated with a parade of beautiful cars of all kinds including SUVs.

Best Kia SUVs in Nepal

If you seek to invest in a SUV, you have the luxury to choose from various types of SUVs today like Compact SUV, Hybrid, Mid-sized and Full-sized. Whether you’re upgrading from your current automobile to the SUV segment or downsizing to a smaller SUV, here is the list of Kia’s best SUVs in Nepal:

Kia Seltos 

Considered one of the best compact SUVs in Nepal currently, the sporty head turner, Kia Seltos is packed with all the right features. The name “Seltos” is inspired from the name of a Greek god, Celtos, son of Hercules. The car represents the brave and assertive nature of Celtos and the “S” in the name represents speed and sportiness.

KIA Seltos, KIA Seltos SUV, KIA SUVs in Nepal

Staying true to its name, Seltos has earned its place as one of the best SUVs in Nepal with its bold looks and innovative first-in-line technologies. Be it the city road or off-road terrains, Kia Seltos gives you a superior driving experience with its robustness and latest technology. The car features 10.25-inch touch screen, electric sunroof, Bose premium speaker, 6 airbags, anti-lock braking system, LED head lamps, mood lamps and more.

The Indian manufactured Kia car is a value-for-price compact SUV with a number of variants available for you as per your requirements. Kia Seltos features 10 variants in Nepal with starting price of Rs. 48.90 Lakhs of Seltos HTE moving up to Rs. 82.90 Lakhs of its GT Line.

Kia Sonet

Indian manufactured, subcompact crossover Kia Sonet is small yet powerful and reasonably priced, making it Kia’s one of the best SUVs in Nepal currently. Although small in size, Sonet has ample space inside for everyone and everything you love. Sonet offers its owners with impressive advanced features along with a sporty and bold look.

KIA Sonet. KIA SUV, KIA SUV in nepal

Kia Sonet features a voice-controlled sunroof, tech interface with multi drive modes, MT remote engine start, front ventilated seats, 10.25-inch touch screen, front parking sensors, tire pressure monitor along with many more features. With its swift control, Sonet gives you an impressively comfortable drive in the city road as well as off road.

Currently, three variants of the Kia Sonet are available in Nepalese market with the price range starting from only Rs. 39.90 Lakhs of its base model to Rs. 59.90 Lakhs of the GT Line making it a good value for money compact SUV in Nepal. 

Kia Sorento Hybrid

A new generation mid-sized SUV, Kia Sorento Hybrid features a hybrid motor based on TMED structure (Transmission Mounted Electric Device) which relies both on petrol and electric motor making it Kia’s one of the best SUVs in Nepal. The Hybrid SUV boasts of a powerful Hybrid drivetrain and spacious interior for your cargo with three row convertible seating for extra space.  

KIA Sorento, KIA SUVs in Nepal, KIA Sorento SUVs

Sorento Hybrid lets you enjoy longer drives with its combination of the electric engine as well as TGDi engine power. Although consisting of an electric motor, you need not take the hassle of charging the battery or worry about the availability of charge for long range drive because it recharges its battery while you drive and also through regenerative braking. 

The hybrid SUV provides you with a remote connectivity over the car and is perfect for the thrill seekers with its powerful instant torque. The Kia Sorento Hybrid is available in Nepal at a starting price of Rs. 1,79,90,000.

So, which of these Kia SUV would you like to drive for your next adventure? Book your test drive to get the first-hand experience of the luxurious and powerful Kia SUVs.