Best Cars for mileage in Nepal

With petrol and diesel prices reaching an all-time high of Rs181 and Rs 178. People who want to get a car are already looking for cars that provide good mileage.Two cars from Kia are exceptionally fuel-efficient while simultaneously being high-performing.

Best Kia cars for mileage in Nepal 

If you are searching for a car with good mileage Kia offers two models that have excellent mileage but Kia offers more than just good mileage. Now let’s get into the details.

Kia Sonet 

The Kia Sonet is an entry-level car with exceptionally good mileage. The Sonet has 4 variants in Nepal targeted to buyers looking for the most value for their money, starting from the price range of Rs. 37, 90,000 to Rs. 59, 90,000 available in Nepal. Based on our real-world tests, Kia Sonet is incredibly fuel-efficient, achieving up to 24.1 kmpl.

Despite it being entry level it comes with advanced features such as a voice-controlled sunroof, MT remote engine start, front ventilated seats, 10.25 inch touch screen, front parking sensors, tire pressure monitor and many more features.

KIA Sonet in Nepal

The tech interface of Kia Sonet is remarkable as it has multi drive modes,Eco, Normal, and Sport control the fuel supply to the engine to manage power delivery appropriately to help maximize fuel economy. The Kia Sonet has three different traction modes (Mud, Snow, and Sand) that optimizes traction to help you navigate through different types of terrain in Nepal. 

Kia Sonet is more than just a good looking car. .Even though it is compact, it has enough room inside for both passengers and baggage. It has one of the highest mileage in Nepal. Kia Sonet is a powerful beast that offers great experience in all types of terrains. The maintenance cost of the Sonet is also affordable and Kia offers 15 free service coupons in the span of 5 years.

Sonet is available in five elegant colors: Intense Red, Gravity Grey, Aurora Black Pearl, Steel Silver, and Glacier White Pearl and has four broad variants and its price as of 2022:


Model Variant Displacement Price in Nepal (Nrs.)
Sonet HTE (PTL) 1200 37,90,000
Sonet HTX (DSL) 1500 51,90,000
Sonet HTX AT (DSL) 1500 55,90,000
Sonet GTX+ (DSL) 1500 59,90,000


Kia Seltos 

Despite the powerful engines, the SUVs are designed to offer more efficiency with a mileage of up to 20.8 kmpl. Kia Seltos has 8 variants ranging from 50,90,000 to 78,90000. The Seltos offers mileage ranging from 16.1 to 20.8 kilometers per liter depending on the engine and variations.

Furthermore, Seltos offers internal features that are in line with the technology savvy modern Nepali. This heavy duty vehicle offers a 26.03cm Touchscreen & 17.78 cm cluster, 360° view, Smart 20.32 cm Head-up display, Ventilated & Power seats, Smart Pure Air Purifier with Virus and Bacteria Protection, and more.

KIA Seltos in Nepal

In terms of safety, Seltos packs in All Wheel Disc Brakes on the wheel which provide the most reliable braking system for any SUV in the segment. This braking system gives the driver complete control in any road conditions Nepal has to offer. 

In addition to that, the vehicle is equipped with six airbags, high-strength steel sealant-safe interiors, and elegantly solid exteriors. The Kia Seltos SUV guarantees the best traveling experience on the road and off-road.

One of the impressive things about Kia Seltos is the three performance-based driving modes: Sports, Normal, and Eco. Owners can change the performance according to road conditions.  In addition to that, the high-line Time Pressure Monitor is present to keep the track of tire pressure every time to avoid any possible accidents due to tire issues.

Even with the powerful engine it is one of the SUVs that provide exceptional mileage in Nepal, the KIA Seltos series is often considered one of the best SUVs  for its price.

Currently, KIA Seltos is available in seven different avatars: Gravity Grey, Intense Red, Aurora Black Pearl, Glacier White Pear, and Steel Silver. There are seven variations and its price of the 2022 Kia Seltos are available:

Model Variant Displacement Price in Nepal (Nrs.)
Seltos HTK (GSL) 1500 50,90,000
Seltos HTK + (GSL) 1500 54,90,000
Seltos HTK + (iMT) 1500 56,90,000
Seltos HTX (MT) 1500 62,90,000
Seltos HTX (IVT) 1500 66,90,000
Seltos HTX + (DSL) 1500 68,90,000
Seltos GTX + AT (DSL) 1500 78,90,000