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3 SUV models best for Nepal’s road

Being the country blessed with a rich portion of geographical variations including Hills, Himalayas, and plains of Terai, the roadways of Nepal are built differently, to go ahead adapting the geographical structure of Nepal. 

The divergent road conditions and the geographic variations are likely to make the driving experience in Nepal challenging one or perhaps the odd one. With the destination town and village sitting in the varied topography, the off-road driving is the most in Nepal. 

Off-roading is the driving or riding in a vehicle on unpaved surfaces such as sand, gravel, riverbeds, mud, snow, rocks, and other natural terrain whereas other things linked to technical off-roading on closed routes, crossing-country rock crawling, or mudding. 

Sitting in the lap of Himalayas in between the wonders of hills and terrains, driving off-road Nepal through the wonders of joyous hills is not just adventurous but also a joyous experience away from the cities and contemporary civilizations. When off-roading is not as same as the regular commuting between works and home in general, the landscapes and geographical build of Nepal between makes it almost the same for its people. 

The vital thing about riding off roads is about the vehicles, every car and SUVs does not feel comfortable going up hills or down hills, their engineering built does not feels suitable, that’s why the trends of producing vehicles just for off-road are in fashion. 

While the values, uses, and marketplace of off-road vehicles are soaring more than ever, automobile industries have been passionately in pursuit of making powerful off-road vehicles with unique features and dynamic performance. 

There are different sets of vehicles designed focusing on off-road drive and unusual performances. But what if we tell you about the SUVs that can operate in the beast mode equally on the road and off-road of Nepal.

Here are Kias three best premium SUVs with exceptional features that makes them suitable for driving both on and off road

Kia Seltos Series 

Seltos SUVs have extensively powerful engines of up to 1497 cc and 138.08 BHP goes comfy in the off road with the mileage up to 20.8 kmpl.

Often considered as one of the best SUVs series, 10 variations of the 2023 Kia Seltos are available as of 2024:

  • HTE
  • HTK +
  • HTK + (iMT) DSL
  • HTX MT
  • HTX + (DSL)
  • HTX + (iMT) DSL
  • GTX(O) + (GSL)
  • GTX + AT (DSL)

Powered by unbeatable technologies like 26.03cm Touchscreen & 17.78cm cluster, 360° view, Smart 20.32cm Head up display, Ventilated & Power seats, Smart Pure Air Purifier with Virus and Bacteria Protection, etc.

KIA Seltos series is available in seven different avatars: Gravity Grey, Intense Red, Aurora Black Pearl, Glacier White Pear, and Steel Silver

KIA Seltos,

The SUV is the safest with the presence of All Wheel Disc Brakes on the wheel that upgrades the braking system and is crucial to keep the vehicle under control in every road, in order to provide the uncompromised safety throughout the journey. In addition to that, the high-line Time Pressure Monitor is present to keep the track of tire pressure every time to avoid any possible accidents due to tire issues.

In addition to that, the vehicle is equipped with six airbags and the high-strength steel, sealant safe interiors and elegantly solid exteriors are designed to provide you relentless additional safety. The price of this one of the best SUVs out there starts from Rs. 48, 90,000 in Nepal. 

Kia Sonet 

Kia Sonet is powered by a turbo-petrol engine that comes with 6-speed iMT with a maximum 1493cc giving the mileage of 18.4 kmpl and 118.36 BHP. This five seater all-new KIA Sonet compact SUV has six broad variants: HTE,  HTX, HTX+ AT and GTX+ Dsl.

Furnished with advanced features like Sunroof, wireless phone charger. KIA Sonet SUV series serves the best purpose with its touchscreen infotainment systems, air purifier and ventilated front seats. Wild by design Sonet SUV series are available in eight elegant colors: Intense Red, Gravity Grey, Aurora Black Pearl, Steel Silver and Glacier White Pearl.

kia sonet

With the combination of technological features including but not limited to Touchscreen, Front Ventilated Seats, Smart Pure Air Purifier with Virus Protection, Multi Drive Modes and Traction Modes, MT Remote Engine Start, etc Sonet SUVs fill the purpose of giving the best traveling experience on road and off road.

The presence of features like Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) with Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD), Electronic Stability Control (ESC), and Vehicle Stability Management makes KIA Sonet best and safest among SUVs in all kinds of roads including difficult off roads. A variant of Sonet SUVs can pack up to six airbags and the starting price in Nepali market is Rs. 39, 90,000.

Kia Sorento Hybrid 

Sorento Hybrid is equipped with a turbocharged 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine with a hybrid system and a six-speed automated transmission. Sorento can take you up to 1000+ KMs and with the installation of pioneering automobile innovation including regenerative braking system, Sorento Hybrid does not require any charging station throughout the journey as it recharges the battery itself while the vehicle is in motion.

All-new Kia Sorento Hybrid comes in five different class: Runway Red, Gravity Blue, Snow-White Pearl, Arora-Black, and Steel Grey. 

Kia Sorento hybrid

Hybrid comes with all-wheel drive as an alternative to the front-wheel drive that is the default while drive modes of Sorento Hybrid like Sport, Eco, Smart, Sand, Mud, and Snow allows the driver to adapt to varying road conditions accordingly.

The crucial features of Hybrid SUV like adaptive cruise control, driver-drowsiness monitoring, rear-view camera, rear-parking sensors, blind-spot monitoring, lane assist, lane-departure warning, forward-collision warning, forward and reverse automatic-emergency braking, ventilated/heated electric seats, etc. makes it the most brilliant vehicle however the roads here, either highway or country road or off roads with sand, gravels, etc.

With the presence of Smart Power Liftgate, the smarter cargo loading of Sorento Hybrid is automatically opened with the smart key. Kia Sorento Hybrid has a dual-level cargo floor where most of the things you need including tallest items can be placed suitably. The price of the Sorento Hybrid  in Nepali market is Rs. 1,79,90,000.