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“Exciting mother daughter adventure travel can never go wrong and it’s always so fun to travel when you have a perfect blend of excitement and luxury.


When it comes to out-and- out driving enjoyment, nothing beats a road trip. No matter where your final destination is, driving just for the sake of it is a great way to see more of the world whilst spending time with family – not to forget mentioning your car and for our valued customer, her finest travel partner has been Kia since her purchase.

We all have our own preferences when it comes to road trips and in our country where the beauty of nature is accompanied by every section of the roads, nothing can fulfill the thirst of driving. “For us there are so many beautiful stretches to explore. But with situation bound, my Kia Sonet has not been able to explore the Himalayas and nature of the cities. So far as lockdown ended, the first short drive and dusty paths followed us to Dhulikhel and we definitely know the wide roads of Bhaktapur and the excitement while driving onto that open roads.





Driving on those smooth wide roads of Bhaktapur was as crazy as we left the valley to Dhulikhel. It was an exotic travel overall and I don’t think if it was any other car the travel could have elevated to this extent. What makes this road between these beautiful hills so special is the fact that the open wide roads of this route narrowed down with nearing the destination and the tarmac condition the trip was just so immaculate. Paring this with winding, undulating road, full of sharp turns and beautiful views, and it almost starts to sound like a refresh-full trip during these lockdowns,” says Dr. Sampada about her trip with her Kia Sonet.

On this particular trip that I went with my friends to Jagdol, Kapan, my Kia Sonet was a class of its own with its sharp steering, incredible engine and comfort – something that we all want in a SUV even on those narrow off roads. My Sonet really knocked our socks off with its insane power, supreme comfort and roaring soundtrack.

  • Dr. Sampada Shrestha