Source of Inspiration


I wasn’t much of a driver previously; I used to dread driving on busy roads and highways but the features on my Kia Line are practical, robust and make driving a breeze!

Mrs. Muna Thapa Karki

KIA Seltos GT Line


Being involved in multiple businesses, I constantly need to travel for work. My Kia has never let me down during my time owning it. I feel a sense of comfort, reliability and the utmost quality when I drive it.

My Kia Seltos is the second car I have ever owned. My previous car had a manual transmission, I had difficulty adjusting to it – constantly shifting gears in Kathmandu’s insane traffic for work purposes and in New Road of all places, where I am based professionally. Hence, I used to prefer a scooter for its convenience. Ever since I upgraded to the Seltos , the quality of my driving experience has elevated several folds, surpassing my expectations.

Driving is a breeze right now, to be honest. It wasn’t something I looked forward to previously, especially on the highways. However, with practical features on the Kia Seltos such as Automatic Transmission, Front and Rear Parking Sensors and Hill-Start Assist Control, I am more confident in my ability to take on any challenge. 

If I had to speak highly of any other feature then it would be the Bose Sound System. I’m an avid music lover and prefer to listen to my playlist or podcasts through my travels, whether on short or long commutes. My friends insist on taking turns playing their favourite tunes just because they love how it sounds on the Bose Sound System. You can truly experience your favourite song in a different light with the utmost clarity. 

Every chance to drive my Kia is a memory that I will cherish but my frequent trips to Pokhara with my family hold a special place in my heart. The long and winding roads may be a hassle to some but not for me, travelling long distances in utmost comfort in the Seltos GT Line makes travelling effortless. My Kia has inspired me to become a bolder and even more confident version of myself that I never knew I had in me. I highly recommend Kia to everyone. The build and elegance, premium features and the experience of driving one is something different entirely.