Road to Kia Family


“It gives me a happy day and I am all excited and planned for my journey with Kia.




“I own IVT Kia Seltos and of course this is my first Kia car for my entire family. I never had any major doubts before purchasing Kia car because I had heard good reviews from my friends before purchasing the Kia car or let’s say before being part of Kia family. The very look of Kia Seltos was impressive. The luxurious interior, sound system, performance and features were the points I was lured into Kia Seltos. In comparison to my previous drive, I am extremely happy and satisfied with my drive. The comfort, performance and reliability of Seltos has never been problematic for me since I have bought and it just elevates my joy of driving.




The dimension Kia car has brought forward is quite exceptional and luxurious. I have heard reviews about Kia EVs and I am excited to test drive that as well. The most dependable feature I get through of my Kia Seltos is Back Camera feature while parking and automatic gear which is even better than the manual mode, these two feature brings joy to my everyday driving.

The service facility and customer communication for my guidance to maintaining my Kia has been helped by Kia service team and I am grateful for their facility. It has helped me in maintaining my Kia in a greater extent. Since I bought my Kia Seltos recently, I was planning for the long trip with my friends and family but the lockdown started as soon as I bought my Kia so I have not been able to travel for a long trip but I am excited for my travel stories and memories I will create with my Kia. I take my Kia along with me for my everyday vehicle and no matter the traffic jams or pit holes on the road, it gives me a happy day I am all excited and planned for my journey with Kia to build memories.”

  • Mr. Ravi Jaiswal, Kia Seltos