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“The smaller the feature the simplest it makes your life.”


“Family trip always cherishes the small moments of our life and wherever the location or the destination be, it just transforms the boring trip into yet another exciting one and over everything your vehicle plays a great role in your every journey. For me my Kia always surprises me every time I travel. I remember being a part of Kia family back in 2019 and since then I haven’t had a second thought about my SUV. The first glance of Kia Seltos was already so impressive, the feature made the looks even more aloft. The stylish feature and performance at that competitive price was such a steal deal.

I have been to array of destinations but my trip from Kathmandu to Sisauli about 350+ KM drive with my whole family was worth being called special. The entire journey was filled with moments that will be cherished forever. The laughs, the conversations and the moments when we connected as a family and Kia was the strong part that held in part together.

Also to recall my yet another memorable trip with Kia, it was to Pokhara with my wife. The trip was impromptu and was a delightful break from the hustle and bustle of Kathmandu which refreshed our life to an extent. On every moment, my Kia has been a strong hold and I don’t think I could be more emerged by the moments that my Kia has to offer. Like my philosophy of simple things makes life better, it completely matches my ideology with keyless entry, start/stop, auto lightening, and ample leg room for back seater, smooth steering and the display cluster that shows information throughout my drive, all these feature just makes my everyday life just so better and functional.  The brands after sales and service is what makes it classic with the quality it delivers to its customers and Kia offers us with multiple service location and facilities that help us in our daily life. I think the current Kia line-up has the assurance of quality at a price point that rivals its competitor’s.”

  • Mr. Avash Nirola