Grace, Space and Pace


“I must say I am one of the most satisfied customer of Kia Family.


“Most of us dream of driving off on an epic road trip at wheel of a brand new car after buying it. The beauty of the road trips are as spectacular as it sounds and if the car is just bought, the desire of travelling just elevates and it’s not particularly a requirement and on top of that if its environment friendly, what else do we exactly need.

With that in mind, taking my Soul EV for a long tour has been my travel cruise but the lockdown and shutdown of cities because of pandemic waved our lives just after being a part of Kia family. I wouldn’t think a moment where I wanted to take my Soul for a long drive so as soon as the lockdown ended, I took my Soul for a short trip with my family. The driving companion, Soul EV never left me space for any disappointment. The interior, space and comfort lured me into purchasing the Soul EV and I can’t deny how this has been my best decisions.

Driving other cars, my long legs had to squeeze but my Soul EV has been my legs best friend from the point of spacious and comfort. From everyday travel on a traffic jams to taking my Soul for a ride outside the valley, I have no complaints at all. And I must say I am one of the most satisfied customer of Kia Family. Weather be it Mileage or Charging or the comfort and sound system, everything is just a top notch.

Another thing that makes me special is how people turnaround and compliment my Soul EV. From here I really don’t have to further elaborate on the stylish design of my Kia. Even my friends who were in doubt before buying, now compliments my Kia for its looks, interior and performance and that is just a Moment that makes me feel as the best decisions and I am such a proud customer to be associated with Kia. “

  • Shreya Joshi, Kia Soul EV