Go Beyond Boundaries


“With such a high threshold to fulfil, KIA Seltos ticked all the boxes by providing a more functional, pleasant and liveable environment”

Mukesh Maharjan

Interior Designer, The Maxcore Corporation private Limited

Seltos HTK+

As an interior designer, I believe every design we see, touch, and feel has the potential to trigger within us an emotion or a spark of creativity. When it comes to buying a new car, I believe that interiors are extremely complex environments and the live-in experience must appeal to nearly all of our senses.

As someone who is always eager to experiment with designs, KIA Seltos helps me go beyond the boundaries to add a personal touch to my car making it easy even to customize. For me, with such a high threshold to fulfill, KIA Seltos ticked all the boxes by providing a more functional, pleasant, and liveable environment.

Talking about one of the most thrilling experiences with my KIA, I along with a group of my friends was on our way to Chitwan and due to some unforeseen circumstances, we had to take an alternate route from the highway in the middle of the night. I must say, it was also a crucial moment for my Seltos as we were about to take a  narrow road with sharp bends which was quite scary.

What motivated us, even more, to go through such a road was our trust in this vehicle and thus, we were able to reach our destination conveniently, carrying the feeling of thrill and adrenaline rush along with us.