Glimpse to My New Adventure


Contributes to making every journey worth undertaking and adds a sense of ease to my travels

Mr. Nitin Sanghai

Seltos HTX iVT

Business Person

The test drive served as the initial glimpse into my journey with Kia, akin to how the morning sets the tone for the day. During my visit to the Kia showroom, the test drive revealed what my experience might be like if I were to become a part of this family. One notable aspect of the test drive was Kia’s graciousness in allowing me to drive the vehicle to my home, enabling me to assess whether it could fit comfortably in my garage.

Additionally, I was genuinely impressed by the sales representative’s assistance and their ability to discern and address my specific requirements in a car. The way the salesperson skillfully extracted and addressed the underlying necessities that were within me was really impressive.

I must say, Kia has become an essential part of my life. The personality I have today has been achieved along with the journey with my Kia. I feel more confident, and the second looks I get from people while I commute add to that confidence and make me feel a strong presence on the road.

When I reflect back on certain memories I have experienced with my Kia, one that stands out is my first trip through Pokhara and Chitwan. The road was filled with potholes and ruggedness, creating an uncertain environment. However, the trust I had in the Kia brand helped me push through the uncertainty and navigate those challenging areas.

Overall, Kia has transformed my commuting experience into a smooth and comfortable ride. The extraordinary features such as the 360-camera view and remote start have made a significant difference. These may seem like small features in the grand scheme of things, but they contribute to making every journey worth undertaking and add a sense of ease to my travels.