Expedition for a Hassle-free Car


They do make you feel embraced into the KIA family


Harry Singh

Seltos iMT

My expedition of searching for a hassle-free car steered me into the KIA showroom where I had lots of alternatives to choose from.  I was greeted by wonderful sales representative of KIA Jawalakhel, who made me feel welcome at the showroom, showed me around,
guided me through the available cars there, and advised me on the car best suited for me. In addition to finding the car as per my requirements, the aura of the showroom they showered me with was one of the reasons that made me feel like I was in the right place. Just like how morning shows the day, the way they took care of my coursing with KIA, I have no doubt that KIA will help me if any obstacle occurs in the future.

I bought Seltos iMT and since then my travelling has changed. The ride is more comfortable, no need of a clutch has made the disrupted movement during traffic jams much easier and with a world in itself, I have never felt bored in my car. Also, a feature like follow me headlamps of Seltos has added an extra convenience. A system through which headlights stay on for 10-15 seconds to provide a lit track of path even after I get out of the car, has come in handy in various ways in numerous situations for me.

I would recommend anyone who is looking to get a new car to go for KIA without any doubt, and with such graceful hospitality and client service, they do make you feel embraced into the KIA family.