Brand Essence


Movement is an emotion. With every movement, we cherish the attachment that is spread onto the destination and people. It is not just the physical distance we bridge from our products but also we tend to work for creating the closer atmosphere with our customers and build an emotional connection with them. Our essence is our customers and with every product of ours we tend to physically and emotionally connect with them.

The new Kia is undergoing full transformation to deliver meaningful experiences, products, technologies and designs that are all focused on our customers and to create an atmosphere where we engage with our customers to create an essence of emotional connect. Needless to say, this transformation is also reflected in our logo. The symmetry of the logo represents the confidence we have in creating a compassionate future with our customer’s wants and needs, while the rising line we can see in our new logo is the rise we want for ourselves and more importantly for our customers. We are designed in a way that whenever anyone experiences the new Kia brand, we seek for rise in inspiration, motivation, innovation and creativity for the future.


Driving is an emotion. It is a feeling way beyond than just a mere mobility. It is a pleasure to explore destination, create memories and experience wildness in roads. Therefore, we here at Kia understand your needs of experiencing an emotion to build memories with yourselves. We want you to counter-steer the negative emotion and experience the wilderness of positivity, creativity and affection. We embody the infinite opportunities of the future for our customers. We value your feeling towards nature and senses of touch connecting through the trails of natural experiences. We want you to see and feel for yourself how all our elements of mobility, emotion, creativity and innovation come together in our new brand essence of connecting deeper to you.