Beauty to a Line of Succession


“KIA has those features that inspire me to travel more and assures the calmness that will get me through the road.


Paravaran Mahat,
Regional Communication Specialist, UNICEF South Asia
Seltos HTK+

As a car enthusiast, it comes as an unspoken rule to never downgrade whenever I buy a new car. And I instantly fell in love with Kia Seltos and it did not even take me a long time to decide if I wanted to add this beauty to a line of succession.

With my KIA Seltos, I found that extra warmth of comfort and extra warmth of safety that I was looking for and the amusement on the road filled with second looks from people just added the spark within me to drive with more confidence. So, in a way, Seltos definitely makes me feel my presence and has inspired me personally as well.

As a techie, it is vital for me to have a nice infotainment unit in my car. In my Seltos, I absolutely love the front interior, the clear crisp display, the navigation, the ability to connect my iPhone to CarPlay control, and the fact that I can control my core smartphone apps through the car’s interface just adds to it. For me, it’s the small things that make a difference, like a sun shade that helps me protect my daughter from direct sun rays and the service indicator lights that remind me when the vehicle needs general maintenance.

Overall, KIA has those features that inspire me to travel more and assures the calmness that will get me through the road.

I think one of the best traveling experiences I have had with Kia was during the time when I, along with a bunch of my friends, went to Markhu, Kulekhani. It was one of the spur of the moment things. A keen interest to test my new Kia which was one of the reasons that ignited us to drive through the potholes of Markhu. Once we reached our destination, the fear of taking a new car through such a damaged path and the fear of the unknown was taken away. We did not face any mechanical difficulties and hardships on the road were made easier by my KIA.

It became one of the most memorable moments preserved within me, which I got to experience with KIA and we just went, we kept driving, we kept driving until we hit a dead end and then we came back.

Talking about the after-sales service, customer care, and assistance from sales personnel, I really love it here. As I mentioned earlier, it did not take me long to decide to purchase my KIA after my first visit to the showroom and they made it happen. That treatment for customers as a family- you come up with a very happy face when you buy a car. This is my first experience with Kia but it’s definitely one of the best ones.

Everything that KIA did, from customer service to how they built a car, I think they definitely have earned a new loyal customer.