Beauty and the Beast


“Life is too short to drive boring cars and for me Kia Sportage has been my partner in crime throughout.


“As an automobile enthusiast, cars have always been my best friend through my everyday life whether be it while travelling or everyday hassle of the city. Many people may see cars as just a vehicle brand with a metal body, engines and few tons of wires but for me my Kia Sportage is not just a vehicle but an emotion. Emotion of wilderness with the feel of human entity.

It has not been long of a journey with the Kia family but soon after my purchase every time spent has been a fierce as my Sportage. I won’t deny on the fact that my Sportage has been my heart of emotion ever since. From music system to small features like Bluetooth and sound it generates, my everyday travel has been convenient and easy. With powerful performance and automatic motion feature, it boosts my driving experience even on the traffic jams of Kathmandu and pit holes during monsoons has never been a test to my Sportage.

My Sportage has it all, from Economy mode to Sports, I would love to test the speed on the open roads. It has transformed my daily drive to office to luxurious and comfort with the smallest features and the bold design. Every trip is just as adventurous; on the curvy highways between hills and on the monsoon weather and muddy off roads, I feel safe. As a brand associating a feeling of safety through its features and service is what makes it classic and Kia has built my confidence.

To every other person I have recommended, Kia has never been a benefit of doubt and to everyone who is thinking of buying Kia Sportage, I would just suggest to “Get it right now!”

Life is too short to drive boring cars and for me Kia Sportage has been my partner in crime throughout.”

  • Dr. Sumi Malla