An Unprecedented World


Added up to the new inspiration to travel more

Arjun Pokharel

Music Composer

Seltos HTK

When I bought Seltos, I entered into an unprecedented world as it was my first-time buying KIA. Now, I am one glad and proud owner of KIA who has been charmed by every feature that has provided me with an upliftment and has added up to the new inspiration to travel more.

I am someone who is obsessed with cars. During my free time, which is quite rare given my busy schedule as a music composer, I always explore and research cars. I had already done my research about KIA Seltos long before it was launched in Nepal and I was determined to buy this car based on what I found.

As a music composer, I am very selective in musical instruments. While composing new music, I always make sure I have given my best to design my compositions to connect with my customers. That is why, before releasing a new segment, I always test the music by playing it at my studio, my electronic devices, and my car so that my listeners can have a uniform connection with the music on any devices they choose.         

If I have to mention one of the most cherished moments I have had with my car, it would be during the shooting of my then-releasing song “Dharti Aakash Jodna”. I along with my team went to Mustang for a shoot from where we departed to Dhampus the next day in my KIA. The whole trip, from departure to our return to Kathmandu was made very pleasant with the comfort of my car. Our long and off road drive was made much easier by the high ground clearance. We could also safely pile up our shooting equipment and gadgets in the boot which made us ease up on the trip.

I would ask anyone who is in the market for a new car to consider a Kia. What you get is not just the car but the experience as well. The pride in owning a Kia is just simply beyond words.