A Decade of Happiness


“This is just the picture that reminds me how we have extended our journey through Kia.


Owning a car for more than a decade now, captivates more than just destination but the journey that fulfills the soul. Destination has just been a number while the main part we keep on missing out on is, the air and the culture that every journey brings out. The yearn to travel to different destination with family after some months of working is the example how we look for inspiration and brings out the freshness every travel gives us. Similar to reach every destination we need a medium, for me my partner of travel has been my Kia since beginning of my career.

Starting the journey through Kia Picanto to Kia Sportage and now to Kia Sorento, the medium of inspiration for my set of everyday life has been my Kia, no wonder it has helped gain the movement since a decade.

A lot of memories have been built up with my Kia which is just beyond any explanation. I have driven Kia since the starting of my career and I have always been satisfied with my travel partner and the brand itself. The sales, service, features and convenience Kia has provided me urges me for further selection of the brand. I drove Kia Picanto for around four years and Sportage for more than seven years, this is just the picture that reminds me how we have extended my journey from Kia.

Kia Sorento is just my family car and we love to travel every corner creating significant memories and building stronger bond on every road.

  • Mr. Ritesh Silwal, Kia Sorento